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Animation With Blender Trainer

 Margo Burns
  • Margo earned her BA in English with a minor in Sculpture from Mount Holyoke College in 1980, followed by an M.A. in Fiction Writing and another M.A. in Linguistics, both at the University of New Hampshire. She has worked as the Director of the multimedia Language Center at St. Paul’s School since 1994, but with a 4-year stint in the middle when she was poached to be the Academic Technology Specialist for the Greater Manchester Professional Development Center. 

    When at the GMPDC, some software for doing stop-motion animation came across her desk, and she soon began to run workshops there, a class for Plymouth State, and many hands-on sessions at the annual Christa McAuliffe Conference, using a wide variety of animation software for integrating visual storytelling into the curriculum. Inspired, she herself enrolled in the Continuing Education program at the Rhode Island School of Design to take courses in animation for two years - driving 100 miles each way one night a week after work. Since the summer of 2011, she has worked with middle and high school students to use Blender, Open Source 3D animation software, making short animated films at UNH’s Tech Camp. The campers do everything from collaboratively writing the story, storyboarding it, designing the characters, choosing sets and props, animating scenes, recording audio, and creating titles and credits - all in one week start to finish. She teaches a course on the history of theatrical cartoons at OLLI, the lifelong-learning program at Granite State College. She has a personal library of 812 animation titles on DVD and BluRay. No, wait: a package from Amazon arrived today. 813.