English translation of "Skuggan av sara"

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ English intro and rough translation of lyrics: ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

A song about mental illness in it's many forms. We need to respect and understand
these individuals a lot better than we generally do today, even if we cannot fully understand what they are going through. Another subject is dysfunctional families that often lie behind. Too often is society just standing by, doing nothing while futures are
being ruined and lives are turning into hell. We need to be better, alot better, all the way
from the neighbor across the street to the politics. That's what I hope people will remember from this song.

Parts of the song are bits from my own life, other parts are from other destines of people I know. The sum of all parts is fictional to avoid exposing a particular person.

Female choir: Lizzie Tungfeldt (thanks darling ♥)

When you look,
Into your mirror,
A monster looks back
And it's so ugly

And they talk,
All day,
Behind your back,
Wherever you go

A shadow without value,
Forced to be here without choice,
A skewed caricature,
Uglifying the room in silence,

Who cares about shadows anyway,
Or the faith, awaiting them

Nobody notices,
What is happening,
Nobody asks,
How you feel,

Yes sure, you're acting,
Like the same old Sarah,
But after nightfall,
You cut yourself

They wouldn't believe,
That you never felt whole,
This family is thriving
Nothing may go wrong here

No place for anxious minds,
Thinkers, are weak

The sun was warm,
Kind of ironic,
The first time,
You were there

Behind the stable,
You can hear the ocean,
From a cliff,
With a ledge

You never wanted to jump,
Just knowing what it felt like,
Being there for a while,
At the edge of life,

You found a bit of calm,
In standing there, from time to time

Anti depressents,
Every morning,
Long talks,
With a lady,

That never ever,
Stood at a ledge,
Never hated,
Her own life,

Plans, diagnoses,
Something has to happen,
They call it healing,
When you're forcing out a smile,
But inside you've already lost hope
Of things ever getting better

You're standing in tears,
Your mother yelling,
Why can't you just,
Act normal

Don't you understand,
What it's like for me,
When my daughter,
Turned out like this

The cup overflows,
You run out without shoes,
The note says "forgive me,
I'll never be my brother,
I'll never be good enough,
And I can't take it, anymore"