Your Organizer

Eric Spooner founded Tidy Treasures LLC in order to express his love of inviting and creative spaces through functional organization. With a knack for organization since childhood, he provides solid encouragement and direction toward systems that work with you.

“More and more these days, I find myself wanting to step back from the global financial world and bring my care and compassion for customers back to my own community. I find that the big smile in person is worth so much more than a “THANKS!” in an e-mail. That’s why I’ve chosen to use my talents for organization and empathy to help those around me find a little peace of mind.

My favorite example: It’s so much easier to cook a family dinner if the kitchen is inviting and ready to do so. A great way to make quick grocery lists and avoid purchasing more than you need? Cupboards where you can see everything you have. Small systems and easy changes can create a pleasantly inviting environment to make delicious food. Maybe even cookies?

I also happen to be a bit of a crafter, so I understand the joy of a craft room that is organized and ready for your creativity! Coming from a family of beaders (including an Aunt that owns a bead store), I know full well just how many materials one can collect in the name of their craft. I’m excited to help organize and display all your materials. Let them inspire your creations!"

Prior to embarking on a more community-oriented career, Eric has provided 10 years of Administrative and Professional Account Management service across industries including Disability Insurance and Helicopter Aviation/Maintenance. Working from small offices up to multi-national companies, he is familiar with office environments and the efficiency sought in daily operations. A more streamlined office/cubicle is a couple of sessions away!

Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of Oregon in Japanese Language and Culture. He also holds a Certificate from the SILS Program at Waseda University, Tokyo; and is conversational in Japanese.