How we work

How does this whole process work?

Allow me to set some expectations with a brief run-down of a typical project.

1.  Contact Eric at 503-308-8672 for a complimentary phone assessment.  We'll go over the ins and outs of the project as well as some basic questions to give me an idea of your situation.  I suggest having a pen and paper nearby in case you hear information you would like to take notes on.  Scheduling a first appointment for the next phase.

2.  Home Assessment and First Session.  A 3 hour appointment in which we will get to know each other and tour your home and evaluate each room's needs for organization.  Plus, a small organization session to get started (a junk drawer, a kitchen cupboard, entry way, etc.)  

     At first, we'll get to know each other and our learning styles.  (I'm quite the visual learner, and I love question-and-answer style learning.)  Moving into questions about your current organization strategies and goals you have for our time together.  Challenges, availability, and budget, we'll go through any questions you have about the rest of the project in this appointment.

3.  Action Plan.  After our appointment, I'll pull together an action plan for your organization project.  This will include timeline and cost estimates as well as supply lists and recommended shopping locations.  I'll also put together a general outline of the steps we should take to complete your project!

4.  Organizing sessions.  Working hands-on with Eric toward your goals for your home/office.   Eric helps with decisions and asks guiding questions through the process; sharing tips and techniques along the way to help the process along.  Ultimately, decisions to keep or let go are made by you, and we'll organize what stays.  Eric is also knowledgeable about donation, recycle and disposal services for those items that are leaving your home.

Client projects run the gamut of one or two session events to multi-week or even longer-term relationships.  Payment by Cash or Check is due at the end of each session.

Time to get going and get organized?  Call Eric at 503-308-8672 or email at for your free phone consult!