Community-Oriented Organization

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A moment of peace:

A large amount of us now-a-days are running from task to task, chore to chore, and obligation to obligation.  If you're anything like I am, there just isn't enough time or energy to get everything done that we would like.  I'm here to help take up the slack a bit with you.  We'll work together to set up systems that are easier to maintain in this busy world we live in.

Let's have a moment of peace, and focus our time and attention on organizational and declutter projects.  If you could use an extra set of eyes or fresh perspective, I'm gently inquisitive and will work toward figuring out your goals.  My goal, is to bring good energy to your home/office and the community!  

I work toward empowering my clients to self-organize! 

I have plenty of tips and tricks to organize and maintain your space.  

With me, you’ll have my analytical mind and calm empathy to help you discover what makes the most sense to you, and move toward your goals. 

I've found some of my greatest moments of peace at the end of a good session of decluttering.  I'd be happy to foster those feelings of accomplishment with
 you in your own home!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets you apart from other organizers?
  • When you choose to hire an organizer, experience and professionalism are what you want. With 10 years of office administrative skills, I can help with much more than your 
    kitchen or closet.  Small office?  Piles of mail?  Paper-record system gone awry?  I'm happy to help.
My home/office is so messy and it’s too embarrassing. What should I do?
  • We all have some places where we’re not displaying our best. You are not alone, and it is smart to look for help when you need it! I’m one of the least judgmental people you’ll come across, and I'm happy to lend a hand.  Everyone deserves to be shown kindness, especially when they're asking for help.
What about cost? Isn’t this expensive?
  • I find that even with the upfront cost, clients end up saving more money over time. By bringing a sense of purpose to your environment, you’ll find yourself making better use of your time when you are there. Sometimes, rearranging and re-purposing your existing belongings is all that is needed to breath new life into your drive and vision. I’ve also heard it described as “Cheaper than therapy. ...and my kitchen is clean afterwards!”