Do you have online scheduling?

Yes, we use SchedulePointe, an online scheduling service. Members may schedule airplanes up to six months in advance.

Are there instructors in the club?

TFC has several instructors for primary and instrument training and aircraft check-out.

Can I join if I am not already a pilot?

Yes. There are club instructors or you can bring your own instructor with club approval.

What does it cost to join the club?

The current share cost is approximately $4,700.00. The (then-current) share value is returned when the member resigns from the club.

How much does it cost to get a license?

See a rough estimate of cost here.

Can I take an airplane overnight or on an extended trip?

Members can take the airplanes for up to 14 overnights per year. There is a one tach-hour minimum charge per day.

Is aircraft availability a problem?

Aircraft availability is not usually a problem. In 2007 the total time for all three aircraft was 455 hours (about 3 hours per plane per week).

With three four-place airplanes, each of which is IFR capable, serving about 30 members, it is unusual that an airplane is not available.

What insurance coverage to does the club provide members?

We have an Avemco policy with limits of $100K bodily injury, $1M property damage, $3000 medical per incident. Any deductible (currently none) is the responsibility of the member at fault.

I'm not a pilot (or I am a student pilot). Can I learn to fly if I join the club?

While the Club has occasionally accepted highly-motivated student pilots, the Club prefers applicants who are either licensed or soloed student pilots. Primary instruction is tough on airplanes, and not all students make it to the solo stage. We recommend taking initial instruction from Rick Aviation.

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