The Imperial Court of Toronto offers the following types of annual Memberships, available to those residing in the Province of Ontario:

  Membership Cost Benefits Regulations  Form
  Individual $20 Voice & Vote at all TICOT Meetings
Any person above the age of majority living within the TICOT Realm (Nov 1 to Oct 31 Annually) Standard
  Affiliate $20 Voice at TICOT Meetings but no voting privileges Any person (regardless of age) living outside the TICOT Realm OR within the Realm under the age of majority (Nov 1 to Oct 31 Annually) Standard

All members will receive titles from the reigning Monarch(s), may produce TICOT fundraisers 
and are eligible to walk with The Imperial Court of Toronto at events.

All titles* from The Imperial Court of Toronto become null and void at the end of each Reign 
and members are "reset" in the protocol rank as a Lord or a Lady with the exception of the following titles:
                  • Past Monarchs 
                  • Past Imperial Crown Princes 
                  • Past Imperial Crown Princesses 
                  • Ultima Titles
*The Mr and Miss Trillium Pageant Titles expire upon completion of the term
*The Queen Mother/King Father Appointment Titles expire upon completion of the term

To apply for membership please send a completed membership form and payment to The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT) to the following address. You can may also eTransfer your $20 membership fee to OR use the PayPal option below (additional fees apply for using PayPal)

The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT)
473 Church Street, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario, Canada     M4Y 2C5

TICOT membership