Celebrating 30 Years of Noble Deeds

Welcome to Reign XXX of The Imperial Co
urt of Toronto

The Court of Biltmore
The House of P.L.A.Y. - People, Laughter, Acceptance and Youth

Our Reigning Monarchs & Upper House

His Most Imperial and Sovereign Majesty

The Silver Dragon Triple X Emperor

Emperor 30 of The Imperial Court of Toronto

Jason Dickson-Vanderbilt

Her Most Imperial and Sovereign Majesty

The Guardian of the Elephant Empress’ Pearl, Lady of the Lake, Triple X Empress

Empress 30 of The Imperial Court of Toronto

Nikki Chin    

Her Most Imperial Highness

Imperial Crown Princess to the 30th Reign

 Rachael Temptation

Heir Apparents

HIM Emperor 20 David Beauchamp

HIM Empress 27 Teran Blake

American ½ Emperor

HIM Emperor Gabriel Delle Notte of The Imperial Court of New York

Canadian ½ Emperor

HIM Emperor Kieron Keegan of The Waterfall Empire

American ½ Empress

HIM Empress Coco LaTique of The Imperial Court of Buffalo

Canadian ½ Empress

HIM Empress Miss Drew of The Waterfall Empire

The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT)
473 Church Street, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2C5

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