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Introduction – P.E. Department

The unique design of PE curriculum in Ti-I provides students with unparalleled learning experiences. The curriculum features comprehensive coverage of various types of sports as well as sport-related concepts and knowledge that add much value in nurturing a student's life-long sports interest and healthy being. The curriculum is designed with a balance between theories, skills and fitness, aiming to develop well-rounded students. 

PE elective student attends 7 to 8 PE lessons per learning cycle. Under the New Senior Secondary arrangement, students will be able to select P.E. as their elective subject to prepare for HKDSE examination. In addition, the NSS also provides two “P.E. Study” lessons per cycle for all students. 

This course includes the learning of various sport skills and external visit, etc. which will be the foundation of students’ Other Learning Experiences (OLE). We also establish learning support program for elite athletes who may be excused from school and take part in international competitions and intensive training programs.


Our Vision:

“To prepare students for a lifetime of total well being in Body, Mind and Spirit, and to be leaders of others who give service to their communities.”       

Our Values:

  • Integrity
  • Continuous Learning
  • Continuous improvement
  • Develop students’ potential    

In keeping with our Mission Statement, we focus our Sports and Physical Education programs on enabling our students to develop in body, mind and spirit.  We recognise that our students come to us with great potential in their chosen sports and gifted in athletic abilities, and we work hard to enable them to build on their foundations to reach their full potential.

We believe in team work and collaboration, great effort has been made to ensure our teachers, instructors, coaches and trainers are all aligned in pursuing the same Mission.

Our college provides great sports and PE training facilities, much better than most schools, and we employ the best staff to ensure that our students are able to reach their full sports potential. 


Major Concerns 2018-2019:

  1. Broaden students’ exposure and to drive for their physical challenge via 30th Anniversary activities
  2. Cultivate sportsmanship through new “School Teams Policy”
  3. Strengthen the element of “Aesthetic Sensitivity” in the six strands of P.E. Key Learning Area in P.E. curriculum