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posted May 29, 2016, 6:18 PM by WAI LEUNG CHAN   [ updated Feb 10, 2022, 7:11 AM by LI YICK LEUNG ]
 Most of these portals are accessible from our school website, these shortened addresses allow faster direct access to the respective services.
All sites are https:// enabled. i.e. you can attach http:// or https:// to the address and all will be connected with encrypted connection https://.
i.e. All traffic between your browser and our sites are encrypted.

Portal  Shortened / Direct Address
Intranets & Publications: 
Staff  Intranetstaff.tic.edu.hk
Student Intranetstudent.tic.edu.hk
Parent Intranetparent.tic.edu.hk
 IT Services: 
 JCTIC Gmailmail.tic.edu.hk
 JCTIC Google Calendarcalendar.tic.edu.hk
 JCTIC Google Drivedrive.tic.edu.hk
 JCTIC ICT Support Hubict.tic.edu.hk
 Privacy Statementprivacy.tic.edu.hk
 Copyright Statementcopyright.tic.edu.hk
Acceptable User Policy aup.tic.edu.hk
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