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Google Classroom can be accessed HERE.

Google Classroom

Classrooms are all created on our Learning Hub for all teaching groups. Students need to join a classroom by entering pre-defined CLASSROOM CODES which can be found in the respective Learning Hubs.

You must use your JCTIC Account to join any classrooms we created. If you have problems adding your JCTIC Account to your mobile devices, please reset your password once in our Intranets and try again.

Google Classroom is one of the key component in our JCTIC Cloud.

Click HERE for the Google Drawing version of this figure.

For all the full features, you are advised to access Google Classroom with a computer using Google ChromeAccessing Google Classroom with web browsers on mobile devices may not be very user friendly. However, you can install the Google Classroom App for better experience on mobile devices

Please note:
  • Some functions of Google Classroom is not available on the App version with mobile devices
  • For better user experience during content creation, please install the following native Google Apps (Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slide etc.)

Android Tablets or Android Phones:
Google Classroom on Google Play
Google Classroom

Google Drive

Google Docs Sheets Slides

Apple IPad or IPhone:
Google Classroom on Apple ITune Store
Google Classroom on iTune

Google Drive on iPad

Google Docs on Itune Store

Google Sheets on iTunes Store

To get started quickly, please have a look at this introductory video about Google Classroom.

Google Classroom 101

Google Classroom Help Center
Official help and guides about Google Classroom can be found at Google Classroom Help Center.

Google Classroom Help Center

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