Problemsolving eduID

If you have created your eduID and it is still not working there are several things that could be the reason. Here are some things you should check:

Profile status

When you register  your eduid account you need to make sure it says you have 100 % profile status. Did you see if you had that? If you don´t the eduID is not ready to use. So in order to get 100 % profile status you have to verify your phonenumber, your e-mail address and your identity / that is your personnummer.

If you have a phonesubscription in your own private name (not company or a relative) and no hidden address, usually you can verify your identity with your phonenumber and it will be done in a few seconds. You get a code to your phone that you enter and you are done. If you cannot verify with your phone, than you have to choose letter home. Than the Folkbokföring will send a letter with a code to your Folkbokföringsaddress and when you get the code you log into your eduID account, click on verify identity and enter the code from the letter. To get the letter can take maybe 1 week or more. And the code is only valid for a week, so it needs to be done right away when you get it. After this the eduID is ready to use.

Login with eduID to Ladok does not work even if eduID is 100 % ready.

So if it is not working or you get the message you cannot be identified now it could be because you try to login the wrong way. With eduID you should not seek for Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm after you have come to the blue button that says choose school. Instead you should start to write eduid in the searchwindow and a button called eduID will come up. Click that one and you will come to the loginwindow that looks like eduID and here you enter your username and password that you choose for your eduID.

I am doing all this but still cannot get in!

Sometimes when you have tried to log in and failed the browser will remember the wrong destination were you ended up and will direct you wrong even if now all is ok. So to get around that you open a new incognito window or a private window as it is called on mac computer. On the computer you have three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on them and there it says new incognity window on one line. Click that one and you get into a screen where you can surf the net without the computer saving the history. So here you can start new and write the webadress click on student and Ladok inloggning or Canvas inloggning and go on to login in. On a mac the button is called private window and is found on the upper side of the screen.

Hope all these will help you to get going with your eduID.



Du loggar in med ditt eduID till studentgränssnittet i Ladok. Har du använt det förut? Kolla att du har 100 % profil status annars går det inte använda. När du har verifierat klart kan du logga in i Canvas via länken och Student (eduid)

Logga in med eduID i Ladok

När du loggar in; börja från vår hemsida och klicka på student. Klicka sedan på studentinloggning Ladok. Klicka sedan på länken

Klicka på välj lärosäte.

Vid nästa ska du inte söka upp Enskilda Högskolan eller University College Stockholm, istället ska du söka upp eduID. När den knappen dyker upp klicka på den. Sedan skriver du in dina inloggningsuppgifter som du skapat för eduID. Då kommer du in i Ladok.

Mitt eduID är klart men fungerar ändå inte!

Det kan vara att din dator nu kommer ihåg att du hamnat fel några gånger och därför styr dig fel igen. Det är därför smart att öppna ett inkognito fönster eller ett privat fönster som det heter på vissa datorer. Vet du hur du gör det? På min dator är det t.ex. tre små prickar uppe i högra hörnet på skärmen. Klicka på dem och välj nytt inkognitofönster. Börja sedan om med att logga in via vår hemsida. På vissa datorer är knapparna på överkanten av dataskärmen och heter privat fönster. I alla fall i dessa fönster finns inte minneshistoriken kvar av vad du gjort tidigare.


THS kursadministrator,
17 sep. 2019 03:41