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I have the uncanny ability to speak to audiences of any size.  I bring a variety of messages to groups seeking a speaker. Whether you need motivation, goal setting, or just good hearted stories I am your man.  Contact me today to get your event scheduled.
Are you not getting the turnout you would like to see at your event?
Need a new perspective?
Want an informed opinion from a racer that has been around?
Then you need my help.  I have been a part of numerous events and have made many observations.  I have helped grow two events namely the American Lung Association Stair Climb and Stinkfoot 5k.  Both events have seen growth of over 30% participation with in one year of my changes.
I can help you make your event better. 
Now, if you don't necessarily need a logistical hand, perhaps you need a voice.  I have the equipment and personality to help get your crowd involved.  I have confidence in my abilities to help your event be the best that it can be.
Contact me today to get started.
Jason Bernstein