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Principal's Message

 From Mrs. Eccleston:

The focus of  2nd quarter at NBHS was to promote involvement in extracurricular activities during the school day.  New Bridge High School created a partnership with Talent Maker City, this partnership is a critical link to providing STEM opportunities, “experts” in the field and continue to promote future focused students.  Talent Maker City workshops: Circuits, Alternative Energy: solar and wind power, and rocketry. Selected students were eager to participate in these workshops and appreciative of the willingness of Talent Maker City to partner with New Bridge High School.

Academic competition were a high interest among our students. Fall spelling bee, school debate and the beginning preparation for Battle of the Books generated excited at New Bridge.  Several students participate in our after school tutoring that happens on Mondays, students use this time to receive academic help from a peer, work on independent studies or write an article for the school newspaper.

Teaching our students soft skills is a critical element of our day to day operation at New Bridge.  It is important to learn and practice communication skills. Our students have the opportunity to participate in Roundtable discussions with outside agencies.  In addition, Key Bank Branch Manager came in and conducted one on one mock interviews with students who had completed a 8 week workshop: Bring your A Game to Work.  Lastly, we have leadership students who conducted formal school tours with our guests.

New Bridge High School staff continues to provide academic instruction that meets the needs of our students and promote learning. NBHS fosters a culture of care, from positive messaging, to establishing relationships is generating excitement in the classroom.