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Principal's Message

Welcome to Manzanita Elementary,

It is my privilege and honor to serve as principal at Manzanita Elementary School.  I am 

proud to be part of such an amazing school community.  We are a dedicated group of staff, 

parents, and community members working together to provide the highest quality 

education for our students. We hold high expectations, continually focused on positive 

growth both academically and behaviorally.  I am very proud of our students, each day they 

work hard and are always striving to learn and reach new goals. As a staff we work hard to 

provide enriching opportunities so that each and every student is provided an opportunity 

to maximize their individual potential. 

Our school follows a positive behavior model focused on four simple expectations. Be Safe, 

Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Kind.  These expectations are reinforced daily in all 

areas of our school. 

At Manzanita we believe in the partnership between home and school. We are in this 

together! Building success and positive school experiences takes a community. Parent 

involvement in school is vital for student success. I encourage you to be involved at as 

many levels as you are able; daily with your child at home, volunteering in the classroom, 

joining school committees, site councils or attending district board meetings. The staff at 

Manzanita is looking forward to a fabulous fun filled year of learning and growing together! 

Thank you for sending your child to Manzanita each day!

Renee Hults, Principal