Our Mission: Providing quality educational services through an individual education plan!

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Welcome to the Three Lakes School District Special Education Department!

The Three Lakes School District provides quality special educational services to our students and their family!  Our primary educational focus looks at each of our students individual needs to maximize their potential for success!  Our dedicated staff finds success for each student around every corner they turn. Positive and natural interventions are the KEY to our success.

  We credit our 100% special education graduation rate to hard work, desirable educational experiences, and individual education plan development.  Failure in our district is not an option.  We provide opportunities that can enhance and encourage individual growth!  Individual differences means our educators monitor and differentiate the students needs so they become successful individuals.  The desirable outcome of each of our students is the driving force to shaping and rewarding a life time of inspiration!



Deb Straus

School Psych./Sp. Ed. Director


(715) 546-3323 

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                           Mrs. Lewis - Jr. High Teacher is their owner.