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Cross-Categorical Special Education Program Grades K-6
    This is a cross-categorical special education program serving grades Kindergarten through sixth grade.  How a student gathers information, completes projects and assignments, and is evaluated, is different for each individual.  
    Assigned work and tests are evaluated based on individual IEP's. Grades are often shared/combined with regular education assessments. Grades are often determined on an individual basis because of modifications and accommodations.  The level of difficulty, the amount of independent work required, and timeliness are also factors in determining some of the grades.  
     Classroom rules follow the Blue Jay Rules posted within the school.  They are as follows: Just Respect, Act Responsibly, You are Honest, and Safety.  Dubuque Management jargon is used to provide specific teaching interactions for disruptions in the classroom.  Major school infractions will be handled by the administration.