Welcome the home page for English 11, English 12 and Senior English.  In each of these classes, students will be experiencing different genres of literature and practicing writing skills that will help them in their post secondary endeavors.

The links to the left will take you to each individual class page, where you will find homework and resources.

My schedule:
                    Homeroom:                        8:15-8:26
                    1st Hour    Prep *                 8:30-9:30
                    2nd Hour   Senior English         9:34-10:34
                    3rd Hour    English 11        10:38-11:38
                    4th Hour    English 12                12:12-1:12
                    5th Hour    English 11         1:16-2:16
                    6th Hour    English 12         2:20- 3:12  
          * denotes best time to contact me by phone 715-546-3321-- feel free to contact me by email at any time at                        sridderbusch@threelakessd.k12.wi.us
To find the assignment for which your child is responsible, click on the "Assignment Calendar" tab on the left column of this page. Look for his or her class, and the assignment will be listed in the appropriate box for the day in question. If another copy of the assignment is needed, it can be found under the unit of study also listed on the left column of this page.

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