Welcome, and thanks for visiting!  I teach 9-12 social studies for the School District of Three Lakes. The purpose of this site is to make available the information and tools necessary for great student success AND provide a place for parents to keep track of what's going on in the classroom. To the left, links under the HOME heading will help you learn more about me and my classroom practices.  The links under COURSES will provide a class description, access to lectures, coursework, and many other resources. Do not forget to check the CALENDAR often for daily lessons and assignments.

CELL PHONE & LAPTOP POLICY:  Students may bring their cell phones to class, however, they may only be seen or used at the discretion of the teacher.  This school has provided everyone in the district with a laptop device -  students MUST bring these devices to class every day.

The best way to contact me throughout the day is via email:  jmorrow@threelakessd.k12.wi.us
If you wish to call, my number at school is 715-546-3321.   If I am not available to take your call, please leave a voicemail.  

          My Schedule:
       A Day                             B Day
8:15-8:23 Homeroom                    8:15-8:23 Homeroom                                        THE OXFORD COMMA!    
8:26-9:25  Guided SH                8:26-9:25  World History 
9:29-10:28  Adv. US History      9:29-10:28  Adv. US History
10:32-11:31  Amer. Studies           10:32-11:31  Amer. Studies
12:05-1:04  Social Tech                12:05-1:04  Guided SH
1:08-2:07  Prep                              1:08-2:07  Prep
2:11-3:10  Amer. Studies                  2:11-3:10   Amer. Studies

"Jump Around" for School Spirit!                    

 Why Study History?   Click on the link to find out              
FORENSICS - This link provides...
  • student team information
  • competition dates
  • general category descriptions & annual amendments
  • official WHSFA handbook

"When you smile, you don't only appear to be more likable and courteous, you appear to be more competent."
Ron Gutman