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Keyboard settings on a CHROME BOOK
    Go to Device
        Go to keyboard
            Go to Change Language & 
                Unclick US keyboard
                    CLICK US International key board
                            Use ALT + the vowel you want accented.

á     é     í    ó     ú    ñ

É  Á   Í   Ó   Ú

La Alhambra--Granada, Spain 2012

Spanish at Three Lakes:

    Spanish in the Three Lakes School District starts with a video program in first grade.  I work with the elementary teachers throughout the year, introducing and reinforcing basic vocabulary and phrases, as often as our schedule's permit.

    In 8th grade all students have Spanish as a Block class, meeting every day for one quarter.  During this time  a review of vocabulary and basic phrases from elementary school are the focus, along with an introduction to all Spanish-speaking countries and their history and culture.

    In high school, students can take Spanish as an elective on either A-days or B-days, along with choosing several electives such as Spanish Civilization & Cultures, and/or Spanish Literature & Film.

    Students are encouraged, but not required, to take at least two years of Spanish if they plan to attend a post-secondary school.  Upon entering college, students may be eligible to achieve retro-active credits based on their scores on the Spanish Placement test, given by each individual college or university in the spring.
Schedule and Hours:

1st PREP
2nd Advising
3rd 8th grade BLOCK
        Lunch  (11:31-12:01)
4th TRES
5th Elementary PE
6th DOS

1st Guided
2nd Spanish ONE
3rd 8th grade Block
        Lunch  (11:31-12:01)
4th Spanish ONE
5th Elementary PE
6th PREP