On this site you will find useful information (I hope) to navigate through your child's first grade year.

First grade is a time of tremendous growth. Hopefully, your child will become an enthusiastic learner who loves to explore and investigate.

Our classroom is a special place.  It is a place where children are valued and encouraged to take risks.  Each one of us has different strengths, needs, opinions and ideas.  


"Class Motto"

Our class motto is "Everyone is different, and that's okay".  The first grade classroom is made up of a diversified group of learners with individual needs.  It is my hope to discover how your child learns best and then deliver the curriculum to meet his/her needs.  I value input from you in helping me discover how your child learns best.

As A first grade teacher I know that your child will achieve the greatest academic and social growth when he/she feels significant, has fun, and has a sense of belonging.  I promise you to do my best to make sure that your child is provided all of these during the school year.