Welcome to Mr. Votis' Science & Math Page.  This is the homepage for Chemistry, Physics, Global Science, Applied Math, and a shared page for HTMAA.  In each of these classes, we will be exploring the natural world through hands-on research, real world problems, application of technology, and real world data.

The links at the left will take you to each individual class page, where you can find homework assignments (the calendar shows the plan for each week, and each class will also have a weekly assignment chart), lecture notes, resources, and examples of student work and students at work.  

You can also click on the Calendar in the Navigation menu to the left to the see weekly lessons plans for all classes.  For Chemistry and Physics, you can also click on the assignments link in  each page to see due dates for current assignments.

Schedule:                    Homeroom:                                                 8:15-8:23 AM
                                        1st Hour - Global Science                     8:26 - 9:25 AM
                                        2nd Hour -Chemistry                             9:29-10:38 AM
                                        3rd Hour - Chemistry                            10:32-11:31 AM                            
                                        4th Hour - HTMAA A/B                        12:05-1:04 PM
                                        5th Hour - Physics                                  1:08-2:07 PM
                                        6th Hour - Prep*                                     2:11-3:10 PM
*Best time for phone contact, email contact anytime.

Contact: School phone: 715-546-3321,  extension 3213, avotis@threelakessd.k12.wi.us

The 2017 Chemistry Periodic Trends Music Videos are Here! (See Chemisty -Projects for more)


Global Science Wild Rice Planting

2016 Wild Rice Planting

Global Science Planting the Oneida County/Three Lakes Pollinator Sites

2016 Pollinator Site Planting

Motivational Videos

Why We Fall

YouTube Video

2016 Chemistry Trends Videos (See chemistry page for more)

2015 Physics Forces in Action Videos

Forces of Action Workout Video

The Quack Pack

Global Science Buckthorn Videos are now posted on the Global Science page

Global Science Winter Survival Shelter Movie Trailer


Constant Motion

Wild Rice

       Science is FUN!                                                  

STEM Cardboard Boats 2013


Global Science working with Wisconsin Waterfowl Association to plant wild rice (see Global Science page for more pics)

Global Science Works in Conjunction with Town to Remove Invasive Species

japanese barberry -13

STEM  - Cardboard Boats - Small Scale Testing & Full Scale Building & Boat Races

STEM boats -13


Chemistry - Measuring Accuracy & Precision





Cardboard Boats




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