Welcome to Mr Peterson's Sixth Grade.  This website is, as ever, a work in progress. I do hope that you will find it helpful, however, no matter what shape it's in! Sixth Grade is an exciting year of beginnings, such as band, and endings, such as the end of grade school.  We work hard, but also have fun on the way.  We'll take three trips to Trees For Tomorrow and give our first band concerts with real instruments.  We'll read some great stories and novels and do some very challenging math.  We'll write all year using the Prop/Support strategy in all subject areas.  We will study ancient cultures and their contributions to our culture  today.  In science we will go from plants to matter to Newton's Laws of Motion.  Lots to do.  Lots to accomplish.  
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Contact Information

I usually arrive at school at or around 7:30, and I stay until around 4:00 when I try to get out for some exercise every day.  I can be reached at home at 715-479-2493 where I will be doing my school work each night.   Or email me at rpeters2@3lks.net.  You can expect a Friday Packet of your son's/daughter's work each Friday.  This is how I communicate with you each week on the progress of your son's/daughter's work.  

Trees For Tomorrow