Mr. West became a composer and arranger out of necessity. In 2000, a composer he had commissioned to write a special piece for his high school concert band dropped the ball and didn't get the work done on schedule. In order to fulfill the promises that were made to the community, Tom wrote his own concert band piece. This led to a series of custom concert band works for middle school and high school bands, as well as custom pieces for the small ensemble and chamber ensemble programs that have always been a part of the curriculum at every school Mr. West has worked for.

Mr. West has studied band arranging with Quincy Hilliard, jazz improvisation with Dennis DiBlasio, and jazz harmony and arranging with Jimie Amadie.

Mr. West has written for a wide variety of instrumental ensembles and continues to develop his individual style and voice as a composer for the student ensembles he creates music for. In his current teaching position at Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School's Center for Performing and Fine Arts, Mr. West regularly adapts string ensemble music to include concert band instrumentation in order to have students in both the wind and bowed string families perform together. He also is coaching and mentoring students to write their own works for the school's ensembles, including scoring for jazz ensemble.

A Note About Copyright

All of the original compositions below are (c) Thomas J. West and are fully protected under US Copyright Title 17, all rights reserved. Ensembles interested in hiring Mr. West to create an arrangement of other composer's copyrighted material must apply for an Adaptation License prior to creation of the arrangement. In these circumstances, Mr. West is creating an arrangement on a for-hire basis and does not own the rights to any arrangement created. Mr. West can apply for a license on your behalf or answer your questions. Original compositions by Mr. West do not require an Adaptation License.

Mr. West's current fee for instrumental ensemble compositions, whether original works or arrangements, is $1000. If you have questions or would like to begin the process, please use the Contact form.

Instrumental Music Composition Library - coming soon

If you are interested in any of the compositions or arrangements listed, or would like to commission Mr. West to write material for your ensemble, please use the Contact page to begin a dialogue.