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If you are looking to replace a seat on Grandma's ole' chair, you have come to the right place. Restoring memories is our speciality!

 We are 3rd and 4th Generation chair seat weavers.  We have close to 40 years experience in seat caning and weaving.

Our services include seat replacements for 
hand caning, pressed cane, fiber splint, splint reed, fiber rush, hickory bark (seasonally available), shaker tape and ash splint.  
We also do light refinishing and repairs. 
Please email for an estimate.

We are located outside of Stewartstown in beautiful Southern York County, Pennsylvania.  We service York and Lancaster Counties and the Baltimore, Harrisburg and Philadelphia areas.

Send us a picture of your chair, seat dimensions (Length, width and diagonal) and for hand caning--the number of holes drilled in the wood around the perimeter of the seat and we will give you a free estimate.
Please feel free to contact us at: