This list of enterprise software development tools was started at erubycon in 2009.  It's intended to be a list of software development tools that meet these criteria:
  1. Proprietary
  2. "Enterprise"-focused
  3. Have some vendor lock-in, so that changing would be painful for the enterprise (so, for example, some IDEs probably don't count)
  4. Commercially viable at some point since 1995 (chosen because it's the year Java was introduced)
  5. "Dead", which can mean one of three things:
    • support is no longer available
    • support has become much more expensive than when originally sold
    • no significant new features in the past 5 years
However, we need to verify them.  If you can demonstrate that a product meets all 5 criteria (which might be hard) or that it does not (which is probably fairly easy in many cases), please edit the appropriate page and add the relevant information, with links.  

If you think of other products which should be listed here, please add them.

I'll take care of gardening this list, moving things into either "verified" or "rejected" lists as necessary.  -- Glenn Vanderburg