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Do you need Internet at Home

here are some local options for Free or reduced cost Internet for your home in the Unionville-Sebewaing Area.

Click this button to learn more about the USA Ruckus System.


Do you need Internet at home and don't have it? Do you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch then you are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

REMC 10 in partnership with Huron ISD, Sanilac ISD, Tuscola ISD and SpeedConnect are proud to make 30 Internet Scholarships available to students in need within the REMC 10 service area. Each ISD will be given 10 free Internet accounts through the SpeedConnect wireless Internet system to award as 1 year scholarships.

Anyone K-11th grade student interested in applying for an Internet Scholarship should first verify that they live within the SpeedConnect coverage area. To verify this, please go to the http://www.speedconnect.com/signalcheck.html web site, enter your home address and click on submit. Your home will need to appear in the pink or blue shaded areas. Please note that many factors such as trees, elevation, large buildings, etc. can impact the ability to get a good wireless signal, the coloring on the web site is not a guarantee that service will be available.

To apply, download an application form and teacher support form below, select the correct forms based on the school district that the student attends.

Do you want a website open that is being block at the school? 
Before contact the technology department try this website out. https://www.mywot.com/ if it checks out ok drop me an email.

USF RFP for Your 2014-2015

Technology Plan 2013-2016

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Welcome to the technology department webpage. This site is to help get information to Teachers, Students, and Parents.
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