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January 5, 2008

I've just started on my website, and it's gonna be a long time until I'm done. Be patient! Oh, by the way, I've already got loads of animations and Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. They'll appear all around the site.

January 8, 2008

The first link is here! Click it or else!

January 12, 2008 

Lego Stuff is here! Click for bricks!

April 18, 2008 

I almost forgot to tell you about Chowder stuff! I cooked it up last month!

May 30, 2008

Sorry to say but those jerks at Youtube deleted some of my videos, including My Spoon Is Too Big! Yeah, I'm bummed too.

On the other hand, I've added H*R stuff!

June 13, 2008

I'm back from vacation!

So, bye!

July 22, 2008

Attention Lomas Eagles: SCHOOL STARTS IN TWO WEEKS!!!!


This message was made by a Lomas Eagle(aka me.)

July 29, 2008 

Finally, the first comic to appear!

August 10, 2008

Spongebob backwards! 

Part 2!

August 16, 2008

And now prepare to laugh your @$$ off!

I just cracked up when I saw  this!

August 17, 2008


August 18, 2008

Here's some Google secrets:

Google Loco: Type Google Loco, click I'm feeling lucky.

Googoth: Type Google goth, click I'm feeling lucky.

Leet: type Google l33t, click I'm feeling lucky.

Klingon: type xx-klingon, click I'm feeling lucky. 

Pig Latin: type xx-piglatin, click I'm feeling lucky.

Elgoog: type elgoog, click I'm feeling lucky.

August 22, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

August 23, 2008



Do you like waffles?

You're probably wondering about all the videos.


Here's Mario Matrix Music!

August 26, 2008

The Bagel Song!

August 28, 2008


Sunday, August 31, 2008 

I'm ending Youtube month with a BANG of movies!

September 3, 2008

Special bonuses for my friends.

September 5, 2008

I lost student council election, so to keep one of my promises, here's some Youtube.

September 6, 2008

Music to rock your weekend!

Simpsons Break!

Now more music!

Super Mario Bros. Z link here!

September 9, 2008

Due to difficulties with viewers, Youtube videos will now be posted on other pages. 

!ereh si ffuts sdrawkcaB

September 13, 2008

My mom won't let me go on youtube anymore so I'm gonna have to shut down the website soon.

October 1, 2008 

JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 4, 2009

I'm back! Stupid password. I now have an account on YouTube! THiNGYBOBinc And I'm starting my own reviews on games!

     June 3, 2009

     I can't believe they're making a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy! They were gonna do one for Mario 64, but they cancelled it! LUIGI was gonna be in there, but they scrapped that idea. (PS: The statue in the courtyard does NOT say "L is for real 2149" nor "Eternal Star." It doesn't say "L is Fake, now leave me alone" either. Nintendo was just messing with you when they said they'd give you a lotta money if you 'unlocked' him.)

    September 27, 2009
The Gallery is here! Doo doo doo doooooooooo! Sonic and Mario stuff will NOT be updated anymore.