The Yurt


Who am I?

I'm Colt

Husband to an amazing partner Gillian. Father to  an incredible 7 year old daughter.  We live completely off grid in a house We are building with our own hands. 

Several years back I woke up one morning and decided I was going to change my life, spend time with my daughter, have a job I liked and live some place I created.

Everything I have built here I learned to do by reading books, and using my head.  Turns out most of what we want to do has already been tried, we need only find those with the experience and learn from them.   

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I thought I would be done in 5 years.  Now I tell myself 10, I still love living here.

Fall project 2013

Here your looking at the roof over the yurt and about 500 more square feet. 

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This is our super helper Kaiya.  Yes the hair is purple . She can help build with the best of them.  Really,  she is great at clean up and wood stacking. Here she is nailing down part of a ramp we put in to help my mom when she visited.