Thank you for supporting local children!
Here are 3 ways you can help:

Thank you for giving your time and investing in the lives of children. Being involved with fundraising at The Youth Center is fun, easy and does not require any previous fundraising experience - we will train you! Orientation/Training is available for all campaigners. We will provide all the tools and resources needed for you to be successful. Community Support Campaign Chair 2017 - Gina Phillips.


*   Share with your friends what The Youth Center does for the kids and why you believe in our mission. Brochures and an informational packet about The Youth Center will be provided to you.

*   Start with the goal of raising $750.00 in one month. Remember, this is just a goal! The more dollars you raise, the more we help our children, and the more opportunities you have to win prizes.


*    Ask your family, friends and co-workers to make a financial pledge to the children served by the Youth Center. Pledges are paid by check, credit card, or cash and can be invoiced to the supporter. Pledges can be done on a monthly, quarterly or one-time basis.

*   Host a party! You can do something you love and invite your friends to the event. For example, host a party and ask your guests to pay $25-$300 per ticket. Party ideas include: wine tasting, poker tournament, tea party, bowling party, cornhole tournament, dodgeball party, garage sale party, luncheon or dinner party, pool party, beach party, theme party, trivia party, craft beer tasting party, cigar and scotch party, etc. The Youth Center will help you send invitations and create a web link to your event.

*   Take a challenge! Set a personal goal and ask your family and friends to support your efforts. For example, make a weight loss challenge and ask people to contribute X amount of dollars per each pound lost. Other challenge ideas: run a marathon, do a 5-10 K walk/run, swim a certain distance, paint a picture, do a bike ride on the strand, clean your garage, walk a dog, write a book, quit smoking, eat healthy, babysit someone’s kids, or do a crazy activity you always wanted to do but never had the chance. 

*    In-kind donations. In addition to monetary fundraising, you can ask for in-kind donations. These can include: gift cards and certificates to restaurants or hotels, tickets to sporting or music events, garage sale items, crafts and school supplies, or anything we can add to our auctions or use for our programs.


*   Win Prizes! Every campaigner will win something for their efforts. For every $100 raised, a raffle ticket with your name goes into a drawing for a bigger prize. For every $1,000 raised, an additional raffle ticket goes into a premium drawing. 

*   Meet new friends! Over 120 campaigners like you will be participating in many events and you will be personally introduced to the group. This is a great networking opportunity!

*   Attend Exclusive Fundraising Events for FREE ($340.00+ value). Register online and use a special code for a free admission for all events for you and your guest.