Zelda: Mobile Walkthrough

Created by Insanj 

 Hey Zelda players. Unfortunately, this guide is now completely unsupported by me, and has been for the past year or two. Feel free to still use it to get as far as it goes, but I can't help you beyond that point. Sorry, and make sure to check out what I do now-a-days here!

The Legend of Zelda: Mobile [Beta]

The Beginning:

Link is born! You stand in the middle of a grassy area.
The grid square I will talk about, is where you are, what you see when you are in one place, the green square at the bottom-left map.
On the same grid square, in front of you, there is a small cavern, and little bit to the left
Walk into the cavern
An old man sitting on the floor is there, and a chest in the beginning.
Walk up to the chest and open it taking the new sword. Then, walk up to the man. The Man says: "This sword will aid you on your quest!"
Walk out via entrance
You are now at the grid square you started on
Walk up north, via the path
You see 6 rocks to your left, and about 4 creatures, also, a loose rock structure north. To the right, you see the edge of some rocks, walk over there
As you walk over there, the screen moves, making this a DOUBLE-GRID SQUARE
Exit to the right, whilst attacking the creatures that get in your way...avoiding the rocks they may shoot at you
You now are in the middle of 2 trees, and one tree is in front, and some other sceanary... and 2 creatures
Walk north
More trees, sceanary, yeah... go north again
Now you see three two-horned blobby things, kill them if you need to...
Walk north, and you see some brown, undestructable bushes, and a long bridge veering to the left
Walk over the bridge that is west/left
You see a hollow, rotting tree, and one creature from the beginning, ignore other smaller stumps, and creature, and enter through cavern hole in middle

Dungeon One: The Hollow Tree

In front of you, you see a locked door, but if you move left or right, you see two other passageways
Walk east, and you enter another room
You see 2 brick clumps, and a few skeletons walking around
Avoiding the skeletons/attacking if needing, get the key, which isall the way right and down a bit. closer to the bottom of the room, you will see a key, a spot above the bottom wall
Exit the room

Back in the main room, walk west: STILL NOT NORTH:
Here you see a bunch o' little bat-like things
Over the the bottom-left ALL the way in the corner this time, is(aha!) another key!
Grab it, and exit via entrance

NOW unlock the front locked door, but going up to it and pressing "A" or center button... or whatever you set(i will call it the "a" button or the "action" button)

You will be in a room with some tiny other skeletons, just ignore them, and exit via northern passageway

Now you enter a room with skeletons, and a key
Grab the key, and go(ignoring the crack, YOU DO NOT HAVE BOMBS YET) west
WHAM, the door shuts... don't worry, if you kill all of the tiny bats, the door re-opens
Instead of doing that, just go north, unlocking this door

Now you are in a room with a brick/stone, and a switch... don't bother going in the room to the west, there is only an old guy saying something about hiding heartpieces under every dung eon... whatever... it doesn't matter now
Go east, through that passageway

Go north now, and you enter a weird passage room with water separators. attack the skeletons so they are out of the way, and move along the passageway and get the key to the right(you do not need to go left).
Now enter through the locked northern door, and you get in a room with boomerang guys.

Get the key in the middle, and unlock the western door

WAIT, move fast, the spiked-things above and below your new position will fly at you, once past them, they cannot harm you...unless you get in-between it. Make your way, avoiding the spikes as much as you can, to the middle and open the chest. Once you open it, you will receive the Bow and Arrow! Yay! Now, walk out.

Exit southern, the way you entered this room...
And southern, again the way you entered THIS room...

Now go east, unlocking this door
Just ignore the boomerang monsters and exit via eastern passage

Go south, right in line with the eye...
Now, press the right soft-key on your phone,and a bottom bar will pop-up. Press the a button, to go to "menu"
Move via left/right/up/down keys, to the bow-and-arrow.
Stay there, and press "OK" or the center button. Now press the right button,
and press return.
Now press the b button(assigned via config menu... mine was origanally "7")when you are directly under the eye.

Now you have hit the eye, if you followed the directions correctly.

If it doesn't work, just go up closer to the eye and try hitting it with the Bow and Arrow. Patience.

The door opens, walk north through it

Unicorn Dragon:AQAMENTUS!

Welcome to the first boss!   ("dung eon" from the man)

Press the center button to dismiss message, and now:

Easy Way to kill it: Just move right so that you are in the corner of two blue blocks, and continue to hit it with your bow and arrow.
Once you shoot it four times, it turns into a rupee/heart/nothing

Move right, and grab the thing it left behind (if it left anything)
You will now see a heart with a silver rim, or heartpeice
Move up and grab it, you now have one more heart or life at the top!
Exit via eastern passage

You are in the re-curring room with a golden triangle in a stone
Walk up to the triangle
Walk over it, as if to grab it
*Before you can it says: "Brave hero the power of the gods is yours..."
Press A, and grab the peice

This is a peice of the tri-force, and by pressing (it is "9" on my phone) the menu left key at the menu(where you selected bow-and-arrow) you can see more traits, if you cycle through the pages! Now a peice of the tri-force! yay!

Once you grab it, go to the top right corner to be teleported in front of the dungeon.

You have completed dungeon one!

*Gorthwogh made a foolish mistake with editing most of the objects and features. If you are running the newest version, it most likely will glitch up, saying you have completed the triforce.                                                                                   

From the hollow tree, go east, across the bridge
Then, from the end of the bridge, go south
South again
East now
East across double-grid square
East(all the way)
North up small passageway
And now you see a big tree, enter it!

Dungeon Two: Inside a Green Tree

Head East from main room
In this snake room, avoid snakes and get key at bottom right corner
Exit North
Now West
Kill all snakes, and go west through passageway
Get key at bottom left corner
Go east again
go north
Go north, get key at top-left
Go north, kill the two big snakes, and grab key
So south
Kill snakes, exit south
Unlock eastern door
Shoot eye like in first dungeon, and go north
Grab bomb bag that is east
Exit south
Exit west
Go North
Go North again
Kill snakes again, and go east
Go north through the spikes and bats
Equip the bomb bag(the same way you equiped the bow-and-arrow)
Press B to lay a bomb, in front of the brown bricks, and wait
BOOM, when the bomb explodes, the path will clear
Go North, if you want

An old man sits on the ground, "Dodongo can be hurt by bombs..."
Walk around the top, you get bombs! FREE! but...awww... you can still ONLY HOLD TEN, as the bomb bag said when you got it
Exit south, and then go west, through the passage

Go west

Exit north when done...killing...
Kill all the boomarang monsters
Go North
WOAH, boss!
Don't move from enterance, and when rhino is RIGHT at the top-right corner, lay a bomb
Move north a bit
When the boss passes, the bomb will explode
Move back
Do this four times
Then, move north quickly, as not to be hit by spikes, and get heartpeice
Exit west
YAY! the re-curring room again!
Get the tri-force peice in middle "The power of the gods is yours..."
Dungeon Two, DONE!

Go south
West until you get the rim of water, where a heart-peice partily filled in is, you can't get it(hahaha)
West again(arg)
Cut bushes, and jump down hole, kill all monsters(with bow-and-arrow)
Step on switch to the east, and move west to get heart-peice
Exit south
Go over bridge, then south down small passage
Go into cavern, grab heart peice
OoOoOh, spooky and foggy!
Go south
Third dungeon!


Dungeon Three: Outcove in the Forest


You are in a room with 6 metal bases of torches. Swing your sword at them to make them catch on fire
When you lite all of them, the door to the west will open, go through it
Avoid the blobs(I like to call them "Jell-o") and grab the key to the west
Exit via north
YOU HAVE to kill some blobs here, so do your worst, and exit north(that's all you can do anyway, don't experiment)
There are three guardians here(you can't hit if they are facing you, but you can at every other angle)
Go West
West though locked door
Kill all guardians, and go south
Avoid as many guadians here as you can, and go west and blow up some brown bricks
Go down the stairs
Avoiding spikes, go north
Then go east across the bridge, and east through passage
Go east through zig-zag passages here
Go north at end, and grab raft
Zig-zag back, and go back across bridge, and south and up the stairs
Go north
North again
Grab the key in the room, and exit east
Go across path, and unlock door
Grab key, and unlock eastern door outsidde of incove
Avoid spikes, and go south
Kill guardians and go east
Kill bats, and walk around until you see blobs, and kill them too, and go north
Go to half-bridge, and walk into water, and the raft will appear under you(spooky, right?)
Attack 4-headed boss with arrows, or sword (sword 10 times, i think arrow 4 times, not sure)
Go east after killing, and grab heartpeice, and then exit north(get heartpeice by going up the half-bridge northern dummy)
YAY the re-curring room!
Grab the tri-force peice("The power of the gods...") and BLOOp, you are done dungeon 3!
Go west
I am leading you here, because if you chop down that top-middle bush you will enter a secret store where you can buy the blue tunic for 255 rupees. If you have been collecting rupees along the way, get it! Otherwise, go south and exit.
You should be at a small creek, where across it you see a half-bridge opening to a ocean/lake... if you aren't, go north one, and then east
NOW go south
Go across bridge, and then north
Go via half-bridge to the ocean/lake place
Go north on raft
Go onto island
Enter hollow tree number too


Dungeon 4: Destruction Tree  (I really don't know why they like trees so much...)

Go West
All the way to the left of the room, there is a key... grab it
Go back East
Now North
North again(ignore eastern door, tried it, it is nothing)
Go west from wooden stump
Attack flying monsters, and go through big door at northern area
Get key in middle
Go north
Unlock eastern door
Go through maze, and kill all flying monsters
Exit via door eastern(opens when all monsters gone)
Go grab that damn hookshot! you deserve it! ("You found the hookshot...")
Exit west
Go back through maze west
Face toward wood stump on ledge, and use hookshot
you fly up(weee)
Go north
North after walking zig-zag
Go across bridge
Hookshot down to ground via another wooden stump to west
Go east
Avoiding spikes, grab key in middle
Exit west
Unlock western door
Go south(man doesn't talk)
Kill this being(identical to the water one)
Go east all the way
Unlock door
Kill all monsters
Push right brick overtop the top-right corner switch
Exit east
hookshot to northern wooden stump on ledge, go against creature and just hit the base of the two heads about 10 times
Go south and get heart peice(hookshot down with wooden stump), and north exit
YAY re-curring room!
Grab tri-force peice("The power of the gods is yours...")
BLOOOP! Done dungeon 4!

Go on half-bridge, and on raft
Go north
Go left a bit until you see half-bridge, and get off raft
Go east
Need supplies? In the cavern above there is hearts[just refilling peices, not new ones](3 for 10 rupees), bombs(25 for 25 rupees), and arrows(10 for 15 rupees)
Exit supply room if you went in
Go north
The ground is now brownish darkish...yeah
Use hookshot to swing east, and then go east
Go north across bridge into cavern behind waterfall
Go in front of man, and grab the sword
Exit south
Go east
East again
North up bridge onto cliff
New Dungeon!

Dungeon 5: Mystic Tomb 


DO NOT head east through the passage, there is a crack there, but if you blow it up and try to walk through, there is a glitch and it doesn't work... so yeah... go north
Kill the four or so mummies and head west
You can avoid the two snakes if you want...
East all the way to the left of the chamber, and blow up the crack in the wall
Go around the two snakes, and head to the left-most brick against the steps, and push it up
You are now underground, head north from the river you appear in
Go east, through the small passageway
Blow up one of the two brown bricks on the north or south end of the room
Go up the steps, and don't move when you are up, or you will be teleported back down
Push the brick on the left out, and go south
In the middle of the room there is a key, avoid the bats and grab it
Blow up the crack to the east, and go through the new cavern
Grab the mini heartpeice inside("I give you this heart for releasing me from hidden room")
Exit west, and go back north
Go through the locked door to the west
Kill all of the guardians and push the middle brick onto the switch in the bottom-right corner
Exit via north-east stairway
YAY! go north and grab the candle("You got the candle, now you can light up dark places...")
Exit south
Exit east
Push the westernly brick again, and go down the steps
Blow up a brown brick again, and exit west
Then south
Go up the stairway to the east
Push brick out, and exit east
Avoid snakes, and go north
Use hookshot to fly up to the wooden stump on the ledge
Exit east on ledge
Go north
Go across bridge
Go east
Go east all the way, then south
In the bottem right corner there is a key, grab it
Go back north
Use hookshot to go down into room with mummies
Go north
Use half-bridges to use raft going across creek, and exit north
Exit west via locked door
Use hookshot to go to the bottom island, and then middle island, and get key... hookshot back down, and exit west(having trouble? Go next to the western door, and hookshot to the middle island from there)
Go west via locked door(ignore crack, a guy in there just says "They say the secret power is in the arrow" which is pointless)
It's dark! Equip candle,and use, and eventually you will see a weird WINDWAKER like guy, (this is where the gameplay option "dieing" false comes in handy) and run to his left quickly and swing your sword. This takes a while to perfect, but it works, you have to hit him about 5 times, but it takes forever and he still hits you if you move...
This is where patience is needed! But, it works... it just is irratating.
When you kill him, go to the bottem left and grab the heartpeice and exit north
RE-CURRING ROOM! COOL! Grab the tri-force piece("Hero, take a piece of the triforce")
Blooop! Done dungeon 5!
Head south
hookshot west now
south from brown-floored place
down bridge and west
go up bridge
TA-DA! New dungeon!
Dungeon 6: The Magic Ledge 


NOTE: You should still have one key from a previous dungeon... but if you don't it shouldn't matter... just informing

Go east
Get key in bottem-right corner
Exit west
Enter western locked door
Go north
Kill all of the bats in this room(and a few hiding blobs), and on the leftern ledge the bricks in front of the wooden stump will dissapear, so fly up there, and go north
Go up and north
I suggest saving now
At the top left there is a key, grab it and hookshot down
Go north
Unlock northern door and go there
Kill all snakes and magicians and go east
Hookshot across poison river and exit east
GO east and get key in middle,and then go west
Hookshot north
Get key in left area, and kill all magicians and blobs and exit south
Hookshot down and exit west
Hookshot across and go south via locked door
Hookshot east and exit south
Kill all flying monsters and hookshot across and go east
Move left brick to top-left switch and move right brick to bottom-right switch and kill all monsters, then exit via top-right staircase
Then exit via south
Go west
Hookshot across and go north
Hookshot north and go north
Equip shield and push the spike block to the left, now you can without damage! (that is how you get into the next dungeon)
Now you can reflect all magic toward you, go north now.
Move blocks ontop of switches, and reflect all magic toward you to auto kill magician... exit via north-east staircase
Go east
Go south, and you are in another above-ground chamber
Exit south
Exit west
You can dodge spikes and magic here with shield. Boss door north... enter when ready
BOSS: The weird red blob will appear taking up three spaces at random spaces... when he does appear, move back where he faces... he will shoot magic bolts at you, from the middle of him... so step back from there. The shield will reflect the magic back at him, and he will die after doing this for four times... make sure to kill all magicians he may summon.
Get the bottom right heartpiece and exit north.
RE-CURRING ROOM! Grab triforce piece ("    ")
BLOOOP! Dungeon 6 done!
South via bridge
Up right bridge
South via small passage(if there isn't one, one more east... sorry)
Go west via half-bridge
south via half-bridge
west via real bridge
IN the small cavern you can fill your potion bottle for 50 rupees...exit cavern if you went in now
Push spikes north with mirror shield and go into tree!
Sorry, Dungeon 7 is composed of signs saying to wait for beta... and since beta hasn't OFFICIALLY been released yet, I'm gonna wait until it is to comeplete this! So, keep replies... any questions with the stuff I already did, ask via PM or e-mail at julian@thewio.com

AGAIN, I didn't get all of the easter eggs and heartpieces in this guide. If you find any that I didn't put in here, TELL ME!!!



You will appear at a most southern point.

Go south from here

To the right is a small island with a heartpeice, hookshot over and grab it!

I HAVE 10 hearts now, you should too... but if you don't try to look over previous sections. Go south from here.

South again from there... 

A bit to the right is a wall with loose rocks, that you can blow down. Lay a bomb, and step inside.

After your adventures throughout the dungeons, you may want to restock...

Exit when you are done, to the south.

Want some quick rupees? Go north once, and cut down some bushes!

Once you cut a lot down, 4 bushes up and the last column to the right is a hole, jump in! 

Inside is a small guy and a purple rupee. Grab the rupee("It's a secret to everybody..") it should give you a lot of rupees... but sometimes is glitches and doesn't... so, take your chances! When you come back up, the bushes will be back, and you can get more rupees from cutting them down.

When you exit, go north

And then north again

Then west

Go north from there

And then west

Go all the way to the left and enter the cavern


I suggest, if you have lots o' cash, to stock up on keys!

Exit south

Go west

Go all the way left, and here is the next dungeon, for when you get beta! It is blocked off by temporary blocks... (those yellow and black striped things that you can't get rid of) 

I suggest you save here, and when you get the new release you can start the next dungeon!


Some extras...


Go to settings, and go to option, " reset position" to be sent to main point. DON'T WORRY, YOU CAN GO BACK LATER. From main point:

Go west

Bomb the blocked cavern to the north

Walk left,and push the brick between the two rows of rocks up until it is in the middle of the four diagonal stones. Then walk around and push it right and then up again onto the switch. Then go back down, and push the brick to right once, then up until it is at the top of the row, then go around to the right, and push it left. Then push it down again, onto the other switch. The brick in front of the heartpiece should dissapear, go and get it.

Exit the cavern...

Go right, and then north

Then west

Go across bridge, and then west

Then west again

Equip your candle, you will need it...

Now go south

Then go west

Then hookshot up to the woodstump on ledge, and west

West again

On ground, there is another dungeon, but, it doesn't matter now... so go east

Across bridge, west 


Go all the way left, and chop down bushes and get heartpiece

Go back right, and south


Across bridge and east

Hookshot down, east

Up a bit, and west

Left a bit, and north 

North, and then West






across bridge, east




Cut bushes, go down hole

north, and go on halfbridge

left, ad south


right a bit, down half-bridge, get heartpiece


Reset postion


Bomb wall

Get 500 rupee bag

get out of cavern



look at heartpiece! lets get it... east


go across half-bridge and go south


get the hearpiece

reset position





 across bridge, west








equip candle, and light it as you go through gate, north


go to bottom-right tombstone, and try to push up

YOU WILL GET teleported down

hookshot across creek, west

equip candle, to repel ghosts

GO left, and push brick right, and up, onto switch

Gate will open to left, go through and grab heartpiece




By the way, if any of you have, or know, a mac emulator for this, email me please!

Hoped this worked for you! AIM: muttsjulian E-MAIL: julian@thewio.com PM: insanj at zelda.gorthwogh.net