Curriculum Vitae: 
                                                    Patrick Anderson

    The Pennsylvania State University 2004, BS Forest Science opt. Urban Forestry    

Professional Certifications
     ISA Board Certified-Master Arborist and Municipal Specialist #1536-BM
     ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist #475
     North Carolina Landscape Contractor License #0437
     NC  Certified Pesticide Applicator License, Ornamental and Turf
     SC Certified Pesticide Applicator License, Ornamental and Turf
     ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified 
     TCIA Certified PHC Technician

 2014-Present:  Arborologist, Rainbow Tree Care Scientific Advancements, Charlotte, NC
  • Responsible for training and technical support of Rainbow Territory Arborists and clients on plant health care products and protocols.  Collaborate with university researchers and green industry professionals to set up field trials with the goal of developing and refining product recommendations and IPM protocols.
 2011-2014:  Plant Health Care Manager, Heartwood Tree Service LLC, Charlotte, NC
  • Administers all operations of $400,000+ grossing Plant Health Care Department; scheduling  ordering, equipment maintenance, training, applying, sales, and sales support.  Manages commercial clients with needs focused towards plant health care operations.  Performs consulting services including tree risk assessment, construction mitigation, and appraisal   Edits and is primary contributor of company newsletter with 5,000+ distribution.  Spearheads company marketing effort.

    2006-2011:  Senior Inventory Consulting Arborist at Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, Charlotte, NC
  • This position involved using GPS/GIS for tree inventories, analyzing tree data collected in the field, and preparing reports/ management plans based on the field collected data.  There was also emphasis on researching new technologies in data collection, and education on tree inventories.

    2003-2006: Arborist Sales Representative, Integrated Pest Management Technician, Crew Leader,
     Bartlett Tree Experts, Exton, PA
  • These positions involved customer service and arboricultural consulting, tree pest/disease identification and management, tree soils management, identification of cultural problems affecting tree health and the use of modern techniques for proper tree pruning and removal.
Non-Profit Work
  •     Member of Revision Subcommittee for the ANSI 300 Part 2 Soil Management 2016 - Present
  • TreeMaster 2.0 Technical Information Instructor 2016-Present
  • TreeMaster 2013-Present

    The Queen's Crown Charlotte, To Preserve and Celebrate Charlotte's Historic Trees
  •     Creative Director/Docent 2012-Present

    Charlotte Arborists Association
  •     Co-Chair Tree Climbing Competition 2011
  •     Vice President 2008 - 2010
  •     Executive Board Member 2007-2008

Speaking Engagements
  • 2017 TreesSC Arborist Workshop 'Common Pests of the Carolinas'
  • 2017 TreesSC Arborist Workshop 'Emerald Ash Borer in South Carolina'
  • 2017 Rocky Mt. Chapter ISA 'PHC Safety and Culture'
  • 2017 Georgia Arborists Association 'The Science of Plant Growth Regulators'
  • 2017 Indian Arborists Association 'ISA Best Management Practices on Tree Injection'
  • 2017 Indiana Arborists Association 'The Art and Science of Tree Injection Preconference Workshop'
  • 2017 Gulf States Horticultural Expo 'Use of Plant Growth Regulators'
  • 2017 Real Green Solutions 'Use of Plant Growth Regulators'
  • 2016 ASCA Annual Conference 'Case Capsule: The Lunds Oak' 
  • 2016 TreesSC Annual Conference 'Mobile Apps for Arboriculture'
  • 2016 Central Piedmont Community College guest lecturer on 'Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management' 
  • 2016 North Carolina Urban Forestery Council Annual Conference 'Protocols for Plant Growth Regulators'
  • 2016 St. Louis Arborist Association 'Gall Insect Protocols'
  • 2016 TreesSC Spring Arborist Conference 'The Pathogens Awaken: In Your Trees'
  • 2016 Maryland Arborist Association Winter Re-certification Seminar 'Alternative Neonic Systemic Insecticides'
  • 2015 North Carolina Vegetation Management Association Annual Conference 'Tree Growth Management Tools'
  • 2015 Central Piedmont Community College guest lecturer on 'Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management'
  • 2015 TreesSC Annual Conference 'Use of Plant Growth Managers'
  • 2015 New England Chapter ISA Annual Conference 'Scale Insect Management' & 'Air-Tool Protocol Field Day'
  • 2015 TreesSC Spring Arborist Conference 'Reducing Pesticide Resistance in the Landscape' & 'Soil Management'
  • 2015 Rainbow Tree Care Scientific Advancements Southeast PHC Field Seminars 'Practical Plant Health Care Techniques & Treatments for Common Landscape Pests'
  • 2014 Central Piedmont Community College guest lecturer on 'Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management' 
  • 2013 Central Piedmont Community College guest lecturer on 'Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management' 
  • 2012 Central Piedmont Community College guest lecturer on 'Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management'     
  • 2011 Central Piedmont Community College guest lecturer on 'Tree Risk Assessment' 
  • 2009 NC Green and Growing Show on 'Preparing Trees for Storms'
  • 2007 Bartlett Student Day at Tree Care Industry Expo on 'Conducting Tree Inventories'
  • 2006 Philadelphia Flower Show on 'Proper Pruning'
Published Articles
Research Acknowledgments
  • 'Dead-end Stop Terminated Tree Support Cable Systems,'  E. Thomas SmileyArboriculture & Urban Forestry 2011. 37(2):67-73