District Lodge Lake Michigan No.8
District 8 is part of the Vasa Order, a Scandinavian/Nordic cultural organization. It has 19 lodges in the four states surrounding Lake Michigan: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It was in January of 1908 when the first local lodge was organized. Within four weeks, six other lodges were organized. The district held it's first meeting on March 31, 1908 and chose "DISTRICT LODGE ILLINOIS NO. 8" as its title. Over the 90 plus years as a district, is has seen growth and change - including our name. In 1994, the district at it's annual meeting elected to change the name to "DISTRICT LODGE LAKE MICHIGAN NO. 8". In addition to the 19 adult lodges, it has 3 children's clubs scattered in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Also located within District Lodge Lake Michigan #8 is the Vasa Archives, Vasa Park and the Viking Ship of 1893.

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