About Genealogy

Genealogy is the study of a family's lineage. People might use genealogy to trace out their family trees, or simply to find a specific person in a family's past and connect him or her to other members of that family. Genealogy is interested in who is in a family and who they are related to, study of family history which might also track dates of birth and death, occupations held by family members, and other important facts about their lives and deaths. The larger field as genealogy is better viewed as a subset of a greater discipline.

Historically, genealogy was a very important field, because family connections between nobility were crucial to the idea of inheritance and the passing down of titles and ruler ship. In many societies, for example, if a king had no direct heir, the next closest heir would have to be found. Detailed genealogical records ensured that the passing down of titles would never have to rely on incomplete facts. Despite this, many differing genealogies would often crop up, allowing multiple people to lay claim to a title of rulership or inheritance.

Genealogy may also play an important role in helping to restore families that have been torn apart by some larger circumstance. In the many decades after World War II, for example, genealogists have helped people displaced by the war rediscover their families who remained in Europe. Famines and social situations may also cause such diaspora, and genealogy may help people rediscover this lost history; many Irish families, for example, use genealogical records to help rediscover family that has been separated for two or three generations, since their families emigrated from Ireland. As another example, after the popularization of Alex Haley's book Roots, there was renewed interest among the African American population in using genealogy to trace their own family roots.

With the Internet, genealogy is now much easier to research than at any other time in history. Despite the rather large amount of false information and scams that pervade the online genealogical world, there are many legitimate and incredibly valuable resources available, allowing people who, fifty years ago, would have had to spend many years tracking down their family roots. Know they can do so in months, or even weeks. The affordability of genetic analysis has also opened new doors in the field of genealogy, letting normal people access hard evidence of a connection to another person or family branch. While genetic analysis isn't entirely accurate, it is so close that it is considered by most people to be certain evidence of a family connection.

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