Our Program

Boys to Men Enrichment Program

"Boys to Men" is an enrichment program based on three principles: tutoring, personal development, and extracurricular activities.
  • Education is the cornerstone of growth needed throughout life, thus our program offers personal tutoring to assist in this investment.
  • Our primary goal is to establish attributes such as leadership skill, moral integrity, self-sufficiency, and confidence.
  • As an enrichment program, Boys to Men also offers extracurricular activities and outings as part of character building.
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We are making a difference!

Since 2003, the “Boys to Men” enrichment program:
  • Has aided over 5000 inner-city male youths from the African-American and Latino communities.
  • Received Certificate of Recognition by the Los Angeles City Council for their community involvement
  • Was part of a major fundraising drive to raise money for The American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Fund
  • Joined with The Faith in Christ Ministries to feed the Homeless during Thanksgiving 2005
  • Acknowledged and visited by Los Angeles City Mayor Antonio Villagrosa now a candidate Governor
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation by UTLA for their volunteer service at the African American Education Committee Conference