Info for Parents
Everything you need to know about what goes on at The Studio School!

Registration:  Simple!  Just give us a call at 323-445-6364 to let us know you are coming. Then, on the day you want your child to begin school, come to the North Club House a few minutes before 9 AM, sign-up, AND START!

School Should Always Come FIRST!

     The Studio Tutoring Service at Oakwood provides an organized and central place for  children to work with teachers who know their subject areas while they are visiting Los Angeles, trying to find fame and fortune! Tutors are hired according to the needs of the students.  This service mirrors the experience of minors when they work on sets. Studio Teachers who are dually credentialed by the State of California are the pool from which we hire most teachers. California law requires that students who work in the Industry be attached to their regular school ( school back home). When they work on a show they will need to arrive with their books and assignments from that school. The same is true with the TSTS. School for performing students is portable.  The idea is that when students return to their regular schools they will be able to fit back into the schedule as if they never left.

For those who attend TSTS,  attendance, work summaries and grades will be provided as requested.

 The Service starts after the first week of January (Pilot Season) and lasts as long as there are enough students to make it viable, usually through April or May. The group meets from 9 AM to 12 Noon, Monday through Friday. Reference materials, computer and Internet service are included, as well as basic school supplies, support, and discipline. We will make every effort to have communication with your child's school when and if that is necessary. Test and assignments may be faxed or otherwise sent to us, but we prefer that this happen through the parent, as it is the parent who provides continuity between the school back home, TSTS, and school on sets during the work experience

Parent's Role: In our efforts to train students who work in the Entertainment Industry to deal more effectively with their education on set, we find that the most important thing is to empower parents regarding their role. The parent in the Entertainment Industry is the only common denominator to the educational reality of the child's career, the only sensible go-between. That is why we encourage parents to be in control of getting materials and assignments from the school. The parent knows the school and teachers, us, will know the teacher on set and the production company, and will be able to coordinate the homework for all of these parties better than anyone. The parent is the BOSS! According to California law, without a parent on set (and without a Studio Teacher on set, whether there is school or not) - there is no child on set! Parent, child and Studio Teacher are a legally required TEAM!

Behavior: Disrespectful language and behavior towards teachers or other students have no place in our classroom (or the classrooms on sets for which we are preparing the students), and are especially inappropriate to those aspiring to a public role. Such behavior could lead to being sent home for the session or to a termination of tutoring services. This is especially important because time is limited, parents are paying for this extra service, AND schooling is now a part of the student's profession.

Snacks: It is a good idea to send a healthy snack along with your child for our break. Please, no candy. We will have fruit, pretzels and water on hand every day.

The Break: Students will be allowed to step outside of the room for a few minutes if desired, but NOT to return to your unit unless previously requested by you. The break is short, so staying inside, playing a game, or just talking are encouraged. This is a great time for kids to share audition experiences, acting stories, and to solidify relationships with those who are pursuing the same goals.  Students are not to hang around the Club House Lobby. This is a place of business and is not allowed by Oakwood.