Can we attend for just a day or so a week?
 Sorry. This is not a profit making operation. The money you pay goes directly to tutors. If we allow partial-week attendance we won't be able to afford to hire teachers for the week.

What if we miss days during the week? Can we get credit for the next week? Guess! Teachers are hired on the expectation that students will be there, and still have to be paid. Sorry.

If we get a job and have to miss a week can we stop and start again? Of course! You can come and go as often as necessary. Jobs are what you're here for and we're all pulling for you. TSTS is a-week-at-a-time commitment.

Can my son/daughter request a tutor at TSTS to work on set with us when we get a job? Yes, as long as that tutor has the proper California Studio Teacher's credentials you are encouraged to make requests to the production company. It is to your benefit if you know the teacher and know that they will do a good job.

Can my child leave early for an interview, or come late? We are in the schoolroom every day for your convenience. Work oriented absence or non-work oriented absence is totally at your discretion. Let us remind you, however, that regularly paced work is going to keep your child on schedule with the rest of the class back home.

Can my son/daughter return to the apartment during the break? We really discourage this as it is a short break. Also, this is a time for students to socialize with each other within both an educational and a professional context, so being together for the break time is valuable.

Can my son/daughter stay late to do more school work? Absolutely! Be aware, however, that there will usually not be a teacher to watch over your child or to help them. Most teachers have to rush off to work. If they are available, however, teachers would be pleased to hang around and help out, but this may not always be possible.

Can you administer tests from our school? YES.

Do you give grades? YES. We will be happy to do this if your home school needs them. Teachers on set send recommended grades during the run of a show. It is our goal to mirror the studio educational/work experience, therefore, we give reports called "pinks" with both grades and attendance. As on set, however, these are merely recommended grades. We are not an accredited school, we are a tutoring service.

Can you send homework to our school at the end of each week? We will make sure that the homework is done and organized, ready to send. You will, however, have to package it and do the actual sending. Oakwood has daily UPS and FedEx pickup service which makes this chore smooth and easy.