Lonna Barwary

My partner, Lonna, told me an interesting story that happened last year, around her birthday. I found it interesting. But it was a shorter story, so I had to put in more information and facts about certain topics. Some, and by some, I mean many people might find these topics and information disturbing/very disgusting. I’m warning you, if you’re squeamish, either get out of the room or be prepared to be disgusted. Here we go.

Last year, around the end of october, Lonna had tonsillitis. Most of you experienced this before and it wasn’t pleasant. But those of you like me who either never experienced it yet or were too young to remember this, you probably want to know what it is. Tonsillitis happens when a specific virus or bacteria infects the lymph nodes in the base of your tongue ( also known as the fleshy pads in the back of your throat or tonsils ) and causes inflammation and swelling. Because of the infection, Lonna got an abscess in the back of her throat.

Since a good portion of people in this room probably doesn’t know what an abscess is, I’m not going into great detail for this one, But just imagine a giant, painful pimple that appears over areas of infection (just don’t look it up under images). But here’s the catch, you cannot treat this like a normal pimple, like with lotions ( unless it is antibiotic cream ) or popping the blight. You either have to treat this with antibiotics or by…”draining” it slowly with a needle...which is what she done...and remember when I said about this particular abscess being in the back of her throat?

Because of it’s location, she had trouble speaking. Lonna said that she could do little more than make noise. At one point, it was so bad that she couldn’t breath. Her parents freaked out and brought her to the hospital where they drained it. Despite this, she still had tonsillitis for another few days until they actually removed her tonsils.

-Tyler Wagner