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Is Moorhead High School Saving the World?

posted May 1, 2018, 6:02 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Laura Jensen

This past Sunday was Earth Day, a day when we celebrate our planet and the ways we can keep it clean. Though there are many things being done on a global scale to clean up the Earth, what is being done locally, and more specifically, at Moorhead High?

It’s hard to say that our school is the most eco friendly, with the constantly running sinks and water fountains and a lack of efficient hand dryers, but there are efforts being done to keep our corner of the world clean. One method involves a little bribery. A student can trade in two detentions for community service time after school. Students go around campus armed with garbage bags and gloves picking up trash instead of wasting time in a classroom.

Another method is making sure the trash doesn’t get there in the first place. A group of students set up a table in the mornings so that any student that doesn’t eat an item they bought  can bring it to the table as opposed to throwing it away, so other students can eat it. This can reduce overall waste produced by Moorhead High.

Recycling is a globally recognized way to keep Earth clean, and Moorhead High is pretty good about having a recycling bin in almost every classroom and some hallways. This encourages anybody in the school to recycle their bottle instead of lazily throwing it away, especially if the recycling bin is right next to the trash bin.

Although our school has some effective ways of saving the world, there is still so much we could be doing. One way is by letting the sun take over. On an especially nice day, teachers should consider moving class outside, if the lesson allows. It saves energy inside the school, but builds energy in the students. Another way is increasing the amount of dusting and decreasing the amount of air fresheners to improve air quality, which would not only be good for the environment, but for students with asthma or allergies.

On an individual level, carpooling to and from school saves gas and reduces local air pollution. You could also bike if the weather allows. And when you go for that morning Starbucks run, consider bringing your own mug. This decreases the amount of waste and can be applied to many other restaurants you may go for lunch. Or just scrap the eating all together for a day and bring a water bottle. One big thing, though, is unplugging all electronics. Don’t constantly be charging your phone. Maybe once or twice a day.

While the ongoing climate change debate is preventing the U.S. from taking many proactive measures against an increasingly inevitable environmental disaster, there is so much we can do to improve the quality of Moorhead, Minnesota, and eventually the world.