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Weightlifters pick up another 'W'

posted Jan 29, 2019, 9:04 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Ethan Lien

Snatch. Clean and Jerk. These are two events that the weightlifters of Moorhead High School competed on the weekend of January 12. Both boys and girls competed last week in a meet in Little Falls, Minn. In weightlifting, meets are divided into weight classes, which are decided by their own weight. Examples of this include 109+, 96-108, and 89-95. All these weight classes are measured by kilograms, not pounds.The other teams competing included Little Falls, and other teams from around Minnesota. In a weightlifting competition, there is not a cut and dry team winner of the meet, but Moorhead picked up more medals than other competitors, so Moorhead basically won the competition. Crisanto De’Agostino, Nolan Meyers, and Haaken Peterson all picked up first place medals in their weight class competitions.

“I am so proud of myself and everyone else. This meet was amazing and I had a ton of fun,” said Jack Greelis, 16, who also competed on the 12th. Greelis picked up a third place medal, which he was grateful to win.

“Winning this medal means a lot to me. I’m very happy I decided to join weightlifting,” Greelis added.

The Spuds will keep getting stronger and stronger as the year goes on. Their next meet is Saturday, February 2, right here at Moorhead High School.