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Track team starts season

posted Apr 19, 2019, 9:21 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Francisco Martinez 

If you take a look outside, you wouldn’t be convinced that we’re in Spring. Nevertheless, we are currently in “Spring Season”, meaning that it’s time for Senioritis to kick in and much more positive: Spring Sports. One of those sports is Track and Field. Whenever we think of track, we’re immediately intrigued into running, but the throwing aspect of the sport is often overlooked, which is why I caught up with one of the throwing captains, Quinntessa Bass.

Quinntessa is a Moorhead High Senior and one of the captains for throwers from both genders, which must feel very prestiged and rewarding. However, Quinntessa views it more like responsibility. “It’s fun, it’s a lot of work, a lot of responsibility, and I need to make sure that everything is functioning”, explained Quinntessa, “It also comes with the thought that you have to better than everyone else.” It’s safe to say that any sort of leadership from captains to political leaders is an incredible, overwhelming experience and achievement, one that comes with countless challenges. Speaking of challenges, self-evaluation might be one of the toughest obstacles we as people must face, especially when you have to keep others in mind for that evaluation. However, this is crucial for captains such as Quinntessa, who explained, “The goal is to go to state and improve, explained the captain”. “For me personally, I also want to make new friend and get more scholarships”. As much Seniors tend to do, we often tend to look towards our past, recalling our fondest memories before we move on to adulthood, and we also ponder about what the future holds. Quinntessa was able to do both for the interview by first looking back at her best moment. “I’m sophomore year, I threw 106 ft. 8 in discussion and it felt good because everyone cheered”, stated the captain. “Also because at the time, the level of competition was very high and it made me try harder”. It will be interesting to see how the team moves on forward after Quinntessa and other Seniors depart from Moorhead High School, opening new does for the returning team members and the introduction to the new ones. Quinntessa has some advice for those coming in, hoping to attempt the sport as she explained, “Don’t give up and listen, or else you won’t get better”. “There’s no point on going if you don’t try your hardest”. Needless to say that those words of encouragement are critical for the team to follow, especially coming from a fellow captain. Only the future will tell, but it will be interesting how the baton will get passed from one determined person to those who will hopefully obtain that same level of fire, determination, and mentality.