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Sports finally 'spring' into action

posted Apr 29, 2019, 12:41 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Ethan Lien

Minnesota will be Minnesota, and that means it snows and snows and snows and snows. Almost everyone hates the late snows, but Moorhead High School spring sports in particular hate the effect snow has on their respective sports. Baseball, softball, track, golf, lacrosse, and other sports all have different guidelines and lists to follow before they can get started. All of these sports started practice around the same time in the middle of March, but when did their competitions and games start?

Varsity baseball finally got to start their season in the middle of April, the week of the 15th, a better start than last season when they started at the very end of April. They did have a scrimmage in Minnetonka the week before however. JV baseball started the 18th of April, along with 9th grade.

The thing about baseball is that the fields can’t just have the snow taken off of them, they have to be dry as well. The snow has been gone for a while, but the fields were still wet. Then the winter storm came and set baseball back a week.

“I’ve really wanted to play since the beginning of April, with all the delays we’ll have to play several games a week which will get overwhelming,” said JV sophomore Caden Berg, echoing how many players feel.

The softball team managed to start about a week before the baseball boys. Softball fields are much smaller than a baseball field, so the girls could use the turf, which stayed relatively dry. Softball wasn’t as affected as baseball, though they had to share a practice space for a few days, which wasn’t ideal.

Track and field got off to a very fast start, their first meet being April 5th, weeks before anyone else had a game or event. This isn’t surprising. There isn’t really a field that needs to be dried off, all that really needs to be cleaned up is a track. It’s much easier for track and field events to happen. Track has had several meets already this month, so the weather has barely affected them.

“Yeah, the first few meets were horrible. The cold was terrible when we weren’t doing any events,” said freshman Kolton Doucette.

Golf, both boys and girls, was delayed. Golf courses are made almost entirely out of grass, and the grass right now is dead and wet, so no meets could be held until the last full week of April.

The lacrosse teams, boys and girls, all started in about the same week, the first game being on Monday the 15th. They also play on the turf, the only games they missed were away games on fields too wet to play on. They should have a full rest of the year.

Finally, boys tennis could not start at the tail end of March as planned. Snow covered most of the courts, and the boys were forced to find other practice solutions such as Courts Plus. Eventually, the beginning of April shaped up to be their real season starter.

Spring sports have it worst out of the three school seasonal sports. Winter sports are, besides skiing, inside so they don’t get any delays. Fall sports are always warm for the most part, and rarely are cancelled. But at this point, every spring sport has began and ready to go.