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Four-Sport Spud Gunkel leads on the field

posted Nov 3, 2019, 9:19 AM by Andrew Tichy   [ updated Nov 3, 2019, 9:22 AM ]
In addition to playing defense, MHS senior Wyatt Gunkel also serves as the holder. 
Photo: Drew Sandberg | Special to The Spud

By: Max Soeth
Sports Reporter

Moorhead High senior Wyatt Gunkel is captain of the football team and the baseball team. He has also been skating for the hockey team in the winter and shooting trap in the spring along with baseball. Sports have helped him in life too. “It’s being taught to hold the door for someone, saying please and thank you, respecting supervisors and more,” said Gunkel. 

During the fall he spends his time after school going to football practice and spends his Friday nights on the turf. He starts on the defense at cornerback playing lockdown defense. This season, he was voted captain by his peers. 

“He's a great leader on and off the field if you have a question you can go ask him, he knows everything,” said Spud Quarterback Trey Feeney. “If a teammate can't trust you, why should they respect you?” said Gunkel. 

He's an extremely competitive player it doesn't matter practice, games, and even gym class, he's going to give it his all no matter the conditions.

During the winter he's skating on the Moorhead ice under head coach Jon Ammerman. He once again plays defense. He loves playing on the ice with his brothers that he's been playing alongside for more than twelve years “I love it, nothing compares to a great team game.”The atmosphere is something different playing for your hometown all across the state.” 

Winning a section championship last year is one of his favorite memories, sending them once again to state hockey, “State hockey is unreal,” he said. It doesn't matter if they won or not, he still loved playing on that ice.

During the Spring season, he plays baseball and also shoots trap one day a week after baseball practice. Baseball is his favorite out of all the sports that he plays. “I’m the most successful at it and I’ve been playing with this group of guys for a very long time,” said Gunkel. 

He has been playing varsity baseball since his freshman year, he grinded his way to become the starting catcher as a freshman, and he hasn’t let anyone take that spot from him. Growing up he won three state championships in Babe Ruth baseball. But that’s not the only sport he does in the spring. He also likes to shoot some trap for the trap shooting team. He won top shot (which is MVP) his sophomore year. “It’s a relaxing sport that helps with my hand eye coordination for baseball,” said Gunkel.

Gunkel has been involved in many activities and sports during his four years of high school. From playing football in the Fall to skating for the hockey team in the winter and finally catching balls from the pitcher and shooting trap in the Spring.