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Boys tennis looks to 'serve' up some wins

posted Apr 19, 2019, 9:23 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Rogan Isbell

The chances of some things in Minnesota naturally appear bleak: the chances of the Vikings winning a Super Bowl, the chances of there not being major road construction, and the chances of winter ever ending. Nothing can be done about those first two, but the snow is finally melting, and that means the boys tennis team can get on the courts.

With the incredible amounts of snow Moorhead got this winter, there was a fair bit of shoveling that needed to be done on the courts, which senior Matt Malusky said was “as about as much fun as you imagine it would be.” Their first two meets were indoor, but now they’ve been able to move outside and hopefully the courts are in top condition sooner rather than later.

Tennis isn’t the first thing that comes to many for spring sports, but maybe that is a good thing. The athletes are very dedicated as a result, knowing their sport is not the most glamorous and they have to let their game talk. “Brycen Lunak told me to try it, and it was more fun than anything I was doing. I also had a decent talent for it, so I stuck with it,” senior Dan Arnold said about how he got into tennis. He also said Lunak, also a senior, was his favorite teammate: “He’s a great leader, always bringing a good attitude. He’s someone the team can look up to.”

The team has slowly been improving recently, with last year being their most successful season in years. Seniors like Aric Cai, Rhett Kramer, Jeron Sheldon, Matt Malusky and the aforementioned Lunak and Arnold will look to help the team continue their success. Tennis is a sport that requires lot of timing and precision, and as a result year-round practice is important. A player can always look to improve, such as what Arnold hopes to do this year.  “I’m really trying to improve my serve this year, and to try and win more matches as a team this year,” he said.

The team won one of their first three matches this season, but all three have been close. Arnold plays double and has won one match against Minnewaska with Justin Dang. The boys tennis team has a chance to cause a racquet this season.