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Valentine's Day: Holiday or Nightmare?

posted Feb 24, 2019, 1:24 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Ellie Rehder

It is that time of year again, Valentine’s Day, the season of love. The up and coming time of year is celebrated by some and dread by many. No matter your view on Valentine’s Day, do you know the true reason it became a holiday in the first place? Do you know who started it? Or even why we still celebrate it to this day? Before you completely makeup your mind on this should know what the true meaning of it.

The start of of it all was thought to be somewhere around 3rd century A.D. and celebrated by the Catholic Church as St. Valentine’s Day named after the killing of two men, both named Valentine. The two men were killed by Emperor Claudius II. February thirteenth through the fifteenth was celebrated by the Romans as the feast of Lupercalia as a day of drunken fun, fertility and love. During this time the Romans’ would “Hit on women” by actually hitting them with animal hides. They believed that it would actually make them fertile.  Throughout history and as time has gone on, more and more people including Shakespeare and Chaucer have romanticized the day through their work. Nowadays V-day is a day for couples to have a fancy dinner, exchange gifts and spend time together. Sales for Valentine’s day is set to hit over $19 billion dollars.

When interviewed about her knowledge and opinion of Valentine’s day, Thea Bradsteen a Senior here at Moorhead High, seemed to be very informed. Bradsteen is planning on spending this Valentine’s day with her boyfriend, and says if she wasn’t dating anyone she probably wouldn’t celebrate it. After being asked where she thought the day came from, she responded better than most people would. “I kind of know about it, all I know is that it had to do with the catholic church and a Pope in the 14th century changed the original name to St. Valentine’s Day. Thea also brought up a strong point about why she thinks the holiday is so popular, “ I think everyone around the world caught onto the tradition, because everyone loves love.” Compared to Thea’s knowledge and point of view on Valentine’s Day, Moorhead High Junior, Hayden Schmidt, had a different take on the holiday. “I am only celebrating because I have a girlfriend and if I wasn’t dating anyone I wouldn’t celebrate because I wouldn’t wanna eat out by myself.” Hayden also knew that the day originated from St. Valentine. “I think we celebrate it so much because we get lonely and don’t want to feel lonely anymore.”  

After interviewing our fellow peers it became evident that most know something about what Valentine’s Day is really about, who started it and why we still celebrate it.