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Surviving test season

posted Apr 19, 2019, 9:16 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Willow Charbonneaux 

Many of us recently have taken the ACTs this year which for those of you who do not know what the ACTs are it's essentially a test that you sit in a classroom to take for roughly 8 hours. It’s incredibly stressful and pretty difficult to study for. Sadly though finals are just around the corner as well another time for headaches, breakdowns and just a general feeling of sadness in the air. If you are like most teenagers we really don't like to study much if even at all so here is a pile of helpful knowledge nuggets to help you while studying for your next test.

It’s important to take rests. You shouldn’t study for more than an hour without one. Now that doesn’t mean you should study for an hour and then take three hours and do nothing; a 5-10 minute break should be good. When you’re on this recess, try reading a book that’s not related to the material you’re studying or go for a short walk. It’s not only good for your body but it also simulates your mind. However, you shouldn’t go on your phone and look at social media because you’ll end up getting put into a trance of coachella outfits and people throwing cheese at babies and animals.

Hunger is the death of concentration. When studying, it’s a bad idea to start on an empty stomach. Now, that doesn’t mean you should start eating chips, crackers, candy and really anything junk food related, that’s actually the polar opposite of what you should do. The best foods to eat when getting ready to study would be dark leafy greens like kale, broccoli, spinach and that’s just to name a few. All dark greens are full of vitamin K which helps build pathways to the brain. Peanut butter is another fantastic brain food as it has all sorts of healthy fats that keep you fuller for longer. The final brain food isn’t even a food at all, it’s green tea. Green tea is a good alternative to coffee, it’s high in antioxidants and boosts your concentration.

Here are some of the best ways to stay stress free on exam day, this first one is a little strange but, it will end up benefiting you in the end. Avoid stressful people. Stress is a contagious thing so if you’re around a person that delays studying or complains about how much work they have to do, they might not be the best person to have around on the day of the exam. A weird way to calm yourself down: try blowing on your thumb. If nothing all this list helped you even a little you can always jump up and down and scream into your favorite screaming pillow.

May the odds forever be in your favor everyone.