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'Senioritis' setting in for MHS Seniors

posted Mar 21, 2020, 6:42 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Keegan Lee

Step into any American high school and a pretty common utterance is people having “senioritis” or a “senior slide.” What it essentially boils down to is seniors just wanting high school to end so much that they stop investing the time and effort they used to in their school work. It’s an incredibly common feeling, as it’s difficult to maintain a high level of effort when one is aware that something is about to end. 

Taylor Qualey is a senior at Moorhead High who is definitely experiencing severe senioritis. To hear him tell it, “I started the year trying as much as I always used to, but now I’m just ready for high school to be over.” Qualey only has two “real” classes this semester, those being AP Statistics and Journalism. He says it’s hard to focus on school and homework anymore, and he’s ready to put this part of his life behind him. “I don’t do anything in school these days. Like, I genuniely think I could do everything I do here online. I’m so ready to be done.” So, it’s quite clear that Qualey is ready to be done. His senioritis has truly set in and he’s struggling to keep moving on his journey to graduation. Luckily, he only has a few classes to keep track of so he probably won’t slide too much.

From the beginning of high school to the near end, Dustin Traffie has always tried his hardest in school. He claimed, “In 9th grade, I just decided I wanted a 4.0 and I’ve worked for it ever since. I don’t see a reason to stop trying now just because we’re seniors. Keeping that 4.0 is pretty important to me.” It’s clear that Traffie is still taking high school very seriously despite being able to see the finish line. He plans to maintain the same level of commitment to his school work that he’s had from the very beginning. This mindset is commendable, especially considering the fact that many of his peers would rather give up and coast to graduation. 

While some students are experiencing a senior slide, others are working just as hard in school as always. Keeping a good work ethic through to the end will probably be more helpful in life, but it can be difficult to do so when all you can see is the end of high school.