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School choice and the 2020 elections

posted Jan 29, 2019, 9:03 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Jared Zimmerman

Though the 2020 Presidential elections are still a good deal away now is the time for candidates to begin announcing and gathering their war chests. This, in turn, makes it necessary for us students to look at their voting records, especially on education.

On the left side of the aisle, Democrats seem to have an endless amount of choice with as many as two dozen looking to run for the party’s nomination. Of them, only Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former Congressman Beto O'Rourke are the only candidates who have announced that they would run. However, it should be noted that Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden are looking into running however while they would be good general election candidates the Democratic base doesn’t seem to thrilled about either of them. In fact, since the sexual assault allegation on Sander’s 2016 Presidential election, it’s looking like he won’t run. Same goes for Biden, with many left-wing news agencies simply calling him a “creeper.”  

To get specifically to the issue of education, Senator Harris, Senator Sanders, former Vice President Biden and former Congressman O’Rourke have all in someway or another come out against school choice/charter schools. Senator Warren in 2003 did support school choice but has since then come out against it (most likely due to the fact that the Democratic party is much more “progressive” now then it was back then). Of course, this is extremely detrimental to our education system.

The public school system is failing. Former President Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, said as much, “It's obvious the system’s broken. Let’s admit it’s broken. Let’s admit it’s dysfunctional….” The best example of public schools failing is in inner cities, where most have high gang activity and bred generational criminals as kids aren’t allowed to go to the school of their choice and escape the system but are rather forced into these failed schools.

Are teachers to blame for this failure? Absolutely not. What’s to blame is the lack of competition in the schooling system which is perpetrated by the teachers union. The union pays on a senior system, meaning teachers are paid not based on test scores or performance but on how long they’ve been teaching. When it comes to lay offs, the union cuts the new, often times loved new teacher, but opts to keep the sometimes mediocre, senior teacher. The best way to sum up the teachers union is that it rewards on seniority not on value the teacher gives to students.

So why should parents keep their children in these conditions? Instead, parent’s should be allowed to send their children to the school of their choice, whether that be private, charter or public. Other benefits to school choice is that education in the general populace would go up as schools would now be competing amongst themselves to keep/get student’s into their schools, meaning there would be a strive for quality of education. This leads to the long term effect of less crime as numerous studies show that the more educated a populace is, the less crime there is as lack of education breeds crime. Another benefit is that school choice would help cut down on overcrowding as students can go to whichever schools they want instead of all being forced into the same school.

Most of us will be able to vote in 2020, so let's end the restrictions of the zip code and help our fellow students go to the school of their choice.