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Parking lot in need of change? Or drivers?

posted Mar 22, 2019, 8:41 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Ellie Rehder

No matter the reason you happen to be at Moorhead High, you end up having to deal with the dreadful parking lot in some way. There are a combination of reasons to explain why the parking lot is just so crazy. Some of the main reasons why, are because of the construction going on around the school,  lack of snow removal and also lack of education when it comes to drivers. Though most of us have gone through the same drivers training, it seems some have either forgotten or just simply do not care about their driving.

Due to the construction in and around the parking lot, there is a lot of lost or messed up parking. Not only to the students have less parking, due to light pole construction taking up multiple spots, but the teachers also have less parking, because of students parking in “Permit Parking” spots reserved for people with permits. After interviewing a fellow junior here at Moorhead high, Aubrey Rodgers, it has become very apparent that most of the students few the parking lot as a headache to get in at the beginning at the day and to get out at the end.

Aubrey also talked about how she thinks part of the parking lots problem is the snow removal. “If they removed snow a little bit better, to expose the lines of the parking spots, I think it would not only solve the parking spot problems but also make it easier for the less experienced drivers to park.” This idea brought forward by Rodgers is what the majority of other students feel is true. The snow removal dilema goes hand and hand with the growing problem of inexperienced drivers hitting or damaging other cars and property.

“The constant flow of new drivers exposed to the Moorhead high parking lot never stops. But one thing that needs to stop is the amount of accidents or damages done to other cars,” says Rodgers. “Both me and my friends have had damages done to our cars, by reckless drivers.” Not only does Aubrey outline all of the students concerns and problems with the parking lot, she also describes them in great detail and offers some great solutions.

All that attend, work or visit Moorhead High frequently know the parking lot can be a serious test of a person patience. Hopefully in the future, possibly just after spring shows it’s face, there will be changes and progress made.