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Are New Year's resolutions a 'guy thing' now?

posted Jan 18, 2019, 10:56 AM by Andrew Tichy
Jack Schaub, MHS Junior
Photo: Ellie Rehder | The Spud

By: Ellie Rehder

The New Year’s holiday is widely known around the world as a night to celebrate ringing in the new year with friends, family and possibly your special someone. The most widely known traditions of New Year’s are the ball drop in New York City, smooching your loved one/s when the clock strikes twelve, and maybe, just maybe forming your very own New Year’s resolution/s. Through a series of interviews, I have realized that most people feel the same about their resolutions. Even though some people are more optimistic than others, most people hope they will keep up with the resolution but they know it will probably fail.

Instead of focusing on the female view of New Year’s resolutions, which we hear quite frequently, this article focuses on how males view the holiday of resolutions. When interviewed, MHS Junior Jack Schaub, had a lot to say. “I think New Year’s Resolutions are still relevant but are slowly going away because people don’t stick to them, either because they are lazy or they set their goals way too high”. One of the many interview questions was “Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? If so how many and why?” “I have one resolution” said Schaub. “I have a resolution because it is fun to see how far you’ve come in a year, and if you succeeded or not”. After his interview it is quite apparent that Schaub as a very exciting and optimistic view of resolution’s.

Gunner Parr, MHS Senior, has a different approach to New Year’s. “I don’t have a resolution because I think they are kind of useless” said Parr. “I know many people still have resolutions, so they are relevant to some people, just not myself”. When asked why he thinks so many people give up on their resolutions Gunner said “I think it’s just that too many people forget that they made one and their too lazy to get going with it.” Parr also mentioned that he has not had a resolution work in the past. “If you want to change something in your life, you don’t have to wait for New Year’s to change it” said Gunner.

After interviewing, it is very apparent that your gender doesn’t matter, it’s strictly your opinion, if you’re willing to stick to whatever your resolution is, if your goal is attainable and if you don’t give up. If you’re planning on making a resolution for yourself take these first hand tips from those two fellow high schoolers.